Ajex Parade Nov 2013
AJEX - The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women - has an amazing story to tell, that spans some eighty years.

Its current membership includes over 4,000 individuals who served in the British Armed Forces, either during or after the Second World War.

In the 21st century, AJEX has a very important role, focusing on three main areas:

REMEMBRANCE for the sacrifices of the PAST
HELP for those in need in the PRESENT

Our Diary is always busy, remembering and honouring those that fell in service during and after the Second World War. Our own parade honours the Jewish service personnel, and takes place the Sunday after Remembrance Day, each and every November. to see photos from this event and more please click here to view our photo galleries.

WWII Jewish servicemen remembered in UK

For King & Country?

The Jewish Military Museum (Part of AJEX) in partnership with the Jewish Museum are holding an Exhibition about the "Jewish Experience of the First World War". This is being staged at the Jewish Museum from 19th March until 10th August 2014 at the Jewish Museum in Camden, London. This landmark event will be of interest to all AJEX Members as well as the wider Jewish Community.The Official opening by Lord West of Spithead was held on Tuesday 18th March 2014. At the vent before a very large gathering, the AJEX President, Lord Sterling explained the proposed merger between the Jewish Military Museum and the Jewish Museum.


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