Welfare has been a core activity of AJEX since it was established after the Great War to support those ex Servicemen and their families who found themselves in difficulty. Although the nature of those needs may have changed over the last century, the requirement itself has not disappeared and AJEX continues to help individuals and other organisations involved in their care. Our primary aim is to ensure the dignity of our beneficiaries and to help maintain their independence wherever possible. We support the wellbeing of our Jewish veterans and serving members of HM Forces, and their dependants, with financial aid or with specialist advice where necessary. Sometimes this is through ‘caseworking’ and almonisation of funds in conjunction with sister charities, sometimes it is by acting as advocate or in introducing them to other organisations with specialist skills. Donations are also made to organisations who are caring for eligible individuals as residents or in the nature of contributions to ongoing programmes of support. All applications for assistance that we receive are confidential. They are considered and processed in accordance with our guidelines, sometimes in consultation with other Service and non-Service charities and statutory bodies. Awards may be made as annuities which are subject to annual review. Alternatively individual payments may be made towards personal and mobility aids, for urgent domestic repairs or replacement of essential items, and occasionally to support specific one-off life events. Festival grants are made to some individuals and couples to assist them in meeting the extra expenses that will be incurred in celebrating the three Jewish festivals of Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Pesach. AJEX has given financial help to over fifty separate causes over the last year while many more have been introduced to other organisations for assistance.

Our contributions have supported and continue to support WW2 veterans who require full time nursing. We have purchased wheelchairs, funded specialist seating, paid for internal and external building refurbishments in several care and disability homes. We have also contributed to a new build development project in conjunction with another Jewish charity. We also support our veterans at festival times by helping to provide Seder meals for veteran residents in Jewish care homes. . We are closely engaged with other organisations in joint caseworking, sharing outreach support and providing advocacy for those members of our community who need help.